Crystal Jancovic (Greene) moved from California in March, 2014. Please check out her colleague and friend, Ryan Dempsey L.Ac. at Marinwood Community Acupuncture Clinic in San Rafael.

Chinese Medicine is an ancient form of healing to keep the body balanced and free from diseases. When the Yin and Yang of the body are balanced, there is harmony and therefore good health. Working with the energy of the body along specific channels and meridians, this harmonious state is able to be restored.  Instead of just treating the branches of disease, Chinese Medicine is able to treat the root cause of a disease if diagnosed correctly. Eastern Medicine looks at the person as a whole, to then be able to address individual concerns.

From a Five Element Acupuncture perspective, everyone has a specific element (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, or Water) from where they gain their utmost power and strength. In this same element, they may struggle and become very imbalanced. By finding a person's constitutional element, a practitioner can begin treating from that place of imbalance to regain harmony and balance within the patient.

Eastern medicine can be used as a preventive medicine to strengthen the mind, body and spirit before illness manifests or it can be used to help existing conditions (a list of conditions treated by acupuncture according to the World's Health Organization is shown in the FAQ section of this website). It can be used alone or in conjunction with other therapies and types of medicinal healing. Being able to integrate different varieties of health care can be a beautiful part of the journey towards a healthier, happier life.

Classical Chinese Medical Oath

Oath of Sun Simiao - year 581-082

"I read this upon graduating with my Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Five Branches University. This is more than a statement, this is something I feel deeply within my heart and will strive everyday to maintain."  -Crystal Greene

I promise to follow the way of the great physician.
I will strive to live in harmony with nature
and teach my patients to do the same.
I will stay calm, and completely committed when treating disease.
I will not give way to personal wishes and desires,
but above all else hold and nurture a deep feeling of compassion.
I will be devoted to saving the sacred spark of life,
in every creature that still carries it.
I will strive to maintain a clear mind,
and am willing to hold myself to the highest of standards.
It will be my duty to diagnose sufferings and treat disease.
I will not be boastful about my skills,
nor driven by greed for material things.
Above all, I will keep an open heart.
I will receive great happiness as a reward
without asking for anything in return.

Crystal Greene L.Ac. 

Crystal Greene is moving out of the country March, 2014. Please check out her colleague and friend, Ryan Dempsey L.Ac. at Marinwood Community Acupuncture Clinic in San Rafael.